Since foundation in 1986 TAUBE ELECTRONIC experienced sustainable growth and continually adapted to the development of the market. The most important events of the past 25 years are captured here in retrospect:


  • Consolidation of tremendous growth in 2011.


  • TAUBE ELECTRONIC celebrates 25th anniversary.
  • Upgrading and improvement of the machinery:Purchase of 2ndfineplacer for extension of rework capacity;Investment in new selective soldering machine Seho PowerSelective with two soldering bath;purchase of Ersascope 1 Plus
  • Processing of µComponents with 350µm pitch


  • Susanne Taube is appointed commercial manager
  • Processing of µBGA with 400µm-pitch
  • Improvement of reflow-process: Investment in reflowsystem Rehm VXS nitro 210
  • Participation in RKW-Projects „Wachstum lernen – lernend wachsen“ („Learning growth – growing by learning”) and „Personelle Vielfalt“ („Human Diversity”)
  • Own investigations:-  Minimization of Voids in solder joints;-  Optimization of  lead-free wave soldering processes by implementing top heat;–  Influential factors for solder ball events


  • Improvement of test and rework capacities: Investment in high-resolution microfocus X-ray inspection system GE phoenix micromex
  • Increased flexibility in assembly production: Investment in most modern stencil free solder jet printing Mydata MY500.
  • Recertification of production staff according to IPC-A-610D
  • Installation of local nitrogen supply for selective soldering process.


  • Installation of selective soldering machine.
  • Certification of ESD-Environment according to IEC61340-5


  • Design of a highly complex impedance controlled 14layer PCBs in HDI- and rigid-flex technology with integrated impedance checks.
  • Processing of µBGA with 500µm-pitch on a mini BGA-module including balling process.
  • Investment in a vapour phase soldering machine.
  • Training and certification of all employeers (except back office) according to IPC-A-610D
  • Installation of a high-precision placement system Juki KE-2060R placing components from G0201 up to 75 mm x 75 mm


  • Starting production of green-conform assemblies.


  • Conversion of company into GmbH
  • Recertification of production staff according to IPC-A-610D
  • Starting production of RoHS-conform assemblies.
  • Installation of a Coating machine and a X-ray fluorescence analysis (XRF) system for checking RoHS-conformity of components and assemblies.