TAUBE ELECTRONIC successfully enters 300µm pitch component class

TAUBE ELECTRONIC since many years is one of the pioneers in processing components with very fine pitch. Therefore since some years successfully and reliable components of size 0201 and µBGAs with pitch of 400µm are mounted and soldered.

For extremely dense applications there are components in the market since some time with even smaller pitch. In the class of chip components this is mainly package size 01005, in the class of higher integrated circuits there are micro BGAs with a pitch of 300µm. These components increase the requirements in all steps of the manufacturing process dramatically, especially for paste printing.

TAUBE ELECTRONIC has already in 2015 qualified processing of chip components type 01005 by comprehensive tests. When we got a call for help of a new customer who was in trouble with these components we were happy to prove our knowledge with this high-tech application on a very small and thin circuit board.

By extensive risk analysis we could assure that already in the first approach we achieved a high yield that could be shipped to our customer according to his also very challenging time frame.

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