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We actively support the FED

TAUBE ELECTRONIC was one of the first members of the Association FED (member 17). The FED was founded in 1992 and today has about 600 members in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and other countries. Priorities of the FED are the research, preparation and dissemination of knowledge for developers, CAD designers, PCB manufacturers and EMS-companies.

We actively support the FED. Company founder Rainer Taube was member of the FED board of directors in the position Printed Circuit Board Assembly up to 2011 and since then covers the position as member of the board for IPC standards and norms. Marco Schiller has been head of the FED regional group Berlin since August 2014.

TAUBE ELECTRONIC is involved in various projects for the FED including printed circuit board design, examinations of base materials and lead-free soldering. In addition, Rainer Taube is one of the master trainers for the training course IPC-A-610 for professionals and trainers of the FED

Please find more information about the work of FED here: Link to the FED

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