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Employee satisfaction

For the successful organization of the highly complex processes and activities in technology companies, the efficient cooperation of the employees is an indispensable prerequisite.

In addition to process and knowledge management, the aspect of employee loyalty is currently gaining in importance in this context due to demographic change and the changing demands of employees on the integration of professional and private life with a simultaneous increase in the individual workload. Fundamental to employee loyalty, which includes identification with the company’s goals and culture, is employee satisfaction with the conditions at the workplace.

Securely retained employees are an essential determinant of the company’s success. Thus, customer satisfaction is also directly dependent on employee satisfaction. The reliable retention and readiness of staff prevent the loss of knowledge and chaotic and inefficient structures due to fluctuations and absences.

At the same time, companies are forced to react flexibly to new demands and developments and to empower their employees to deal with them in order to remain competitive in rapidly changing markets. Satisfaction with the workplace comes from meeting essential needs.

In order to be able to perceive and take these into account, an adequate corporate culture is required, which includes a value-based management philosophy, the acceptance of changes due to the change in life phases, the recognition of development impulses and functioning communication structures.

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