A completely new order of magnitude in quality assurance has been achieved by installing the Quadra 7 X-ray unit from Nordson Dage.

At TAUBE ELECTRONIC X-ray technology has been used for quality control in production since 2003. The Quadra7 now enables ultra-high quality images with 6.7 megapixels, that allow even the smallest details to be viewed and analyzed on the 4K monitors.

The example shown above clearly shows the improvements. On the left the picture taken with the previous system, on the right the picture taken with the new Quadra 7.

The innovative technologies used in the Quadra7, such as the LaB6 crystal as the electron source in the X-ray tube and the Aspire detector with 16-bit image processing and 2600×2600 pixels result in bright, clear and stable X-ray images which are essential for evaluating of the finest quality features. The additional option of planar CT or laminography makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional images of the area to be analyzed, which further simplifies the assessment of the X-ray results. As before, TAUBE ELECTRONIC offers X-ray examination of electronic assemblies and components as a service.

This demonstrates once again TAUBE ELECTRONIC’s commitment to quality.