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Testing technology

Comprehensive testing at all stages of the design and production process ensures the quality for which TAUBE ELECTRONIC is known for in the market.

Here is a selection of our test procedures and test equipment:

  • Extensive incoming goods inspections
  • Optical testing technology:
    • ErsaScope – the device is used to inspect connections under the component e.g. balls under a BGA.
    • Hirox microscope – electronic video microscope for detailed display, measuring and photographing of components and assemblies
  • Various optical inspection microscopes and stereo microscopes Vision Lynx
  • 3D AOI Zenith / KohYoung
  • X-ray system Quadra 7
  • Takaya APT-1400F Flying Probe Tester
  • Electrical function tests – automated test sequence, automatic evaluation of measurements and logging of measured values
  • Climatic test, BurnIn, stress test also at defined humidity levels
    • automatic temperature profile sequences according to customer requirements also with assemblies in operation, function monitoring and logging

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