For all TAUBE ELECTRONIC staff members quality means the achievement of all customer demands to full satisfaction. Already in 1997 we successfully implemented a quality management system based on ISO9001 with the certification audit without any conditions.

Basis of our Quality Management System  (QMS) is a standardized quality control loop as consistent control tool for all activities and processes. Already in 1997 we implemented an electronic quality management handbook.

At TAUBE ELECTRONIC  the QM-rules are seamlessly and unbureaucraticly integrated into the daily work routine. The foundation of our daily work is our integrated data, document and quality management system, which we improve in a continous process and adapt to current requirements. A process driven organisational model together with process control, time recording and documentation are also included in our QM-process as a concept for error prevention with database support.

 Certificate of Rainer Taube as IPC-A-610 Master Trainer,  issued by IPC Current ISO 9001:2015 certificate of TAUBE ELECTRONIC, issued by DQS

We distinguish production jobs:

  • Leaded
  • Lead free
  • RoHS-conform
  • Green

Automated warnings support our staff at approvals and purchase orders. This warnings pop up automatically and they are automatically transferred to documentation. Missing required tests block the system before a wrong decision is done. Here is a good example: For a project with BGAs the test of solder ball alloy is mandatory.  Without a recognizable BGA solder alloy test the material is not approved for production. The BGA solder alloy test generates automatically a reference for the appropriate solder alloy.

For all core processes a process owner is designated as contact person for the specialists in the company.

Continous training and qualification for all staff members

We constantly educate ourselves and our employees and actively work in several expert groups in the areas of PCB-design and PCB-assembly. These include:

  • Regularly training of all employees with IPC-A-610 certification
  • Qualification of our PCB-designer by FED-designer qualification program – CID+/FED-designer certificate
  • Design for manufacturing (DFM) by additional IPC-A-610 training and certification of also our printed circuit board designer
  • Partizipation in FED-regional group meetings and FED-conferences, workshops and seminars
  • Since 2001 membership of the BFE expert group lead free electronics
  • Active collaboration in the work of  FED/VdL-project group design
  • Active collaboration in DKE682 and also IEC TC91 workgroups 2 & 12