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PCB assembly

​A well-coordinated team of highly qualified and committed employees manufactures reliable electronic assemblies and devices for industrial use at ESD-safe workstations at TAUBE ELECTRONIC. Our assemblies work in many demanding industrial products – from valve monitoring for oil production wells on the seabed to the control of highly reliable satellite communication systems.

Our goal: First Time Right

With a controlled quality control loop with planned tests and extensive measures to avoid errors, we ensure high product quality while minimizing overall product costs in the interests of our customers.

We have been manufacturing RoHS-compliant assemblies since 2005 and at the beginning of 2006 we were one of the first assembly manufacturers in Germany to deliver Green-compliant assemblies for a Japanese end customer.

Although conventional wired assemblies are still produced on single-sided PCBs, the focus is on complex SMD assemblies, up to high-density, double-sided reflow soldered circuits on rigid-flex multilayers.

We master the manufacturing processes

Proven and controlled processes allow CFC-free cleaning to below MIL limits, a prerequisite for subsequent flawless coating. This allows the use of the assemblies even under extreme safety requirements and under the most difficult climatic conditions.

After SMD technology established itself as the standard assembly technology in the 90s, we are once again facing a major upheaval in electronics manufacturing at the beginning of the new millennium. The extremely sensitive fine-pitch QFP and TSSOP components are currently being supplemented by new housing types such as BGAs (Ball Grid Arrays), CSPs (Chip-Size-Packages) and flip-chips, and will certainly be replaced at some point.

We know where interconnection technology is heading

TAUBE ELECTRONIC has adapted to this challenge in recent years through continuous investments. The reliable mastery of all manufacturing processes provides the basis for an objective decision as to which technology can be used in the interests of the product and which makes economic sense. Passing on our technological know-how is always part of our understanding of cooperative partnership.

In addition to perfect mastery of standard technologies, we observe the use of new advanced assembly techniques and, in partnership with our customers, seek solutions for the assembly of new component technologies as well as the increase of economic efficiency in product manufacturing.

Our range of services

On request, we can deliver fully tested electronic assemblies. This includes:

  • RoHS-compliant assembly of printed circuit boards in series in SMT and THT
  • Assembly of BGAs, CSPs and flip chips
  • Processable range of components from SMD chip 01005 to components with a dimension of 75 mm x 75 mm
  • Automatic cleaning of printed circuit board assemblies
  • Conformal coating and functional test
  • Express service for prototypes and pre-series with advice for optimizations
  • Complete material procurement

You can find an overview of our machines via the following link


Production order request

To enable us to process your enquiry for a production order quickly and efficiently, we require the following information:

  • Information on the number of items and delivery time (lot sizes for call orders)
  • Total parts list with precise details of the housing per component type
  • Placement specification
  • Information on manufacturing specifications (if given)
  • Additional component specifications* (manufacturer / article number) for material purchases by TAUBE ELECTRONIC

*If possible, please provide this data in machine-readable form (.XLS or ASCII text file with standard field separators).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our staff:


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