At TAUBE ELECTRONIC an excellent coordinated team of highly motivated employees produces high-reliable pcb-assemblies in an ESD-save environment. Continuous training and qualification of human ressources is as selv-evident as strategic and foresighted invest in our equipment and production processes.

We operate with the following equipment:

Process Qty. Description Type Manufacturer
Incoming goods inspection 1 XRF-Spectroskopy Röntgenanalytik
1 N2-Vacuum packaging system NZ1/46N Boss
SMD-Printing 2 Paste printer E1/X1 EKRA
1 Paste printer Horizon 03iX DEK
1 Ink-Jet paste printer MY500 Mydata
Placement 1 Pick and place machine Inoplacer  HP HEEB
1 Pick and place machine KE 2060R Juki
Soldering 1 Convection Reflow Oven VXS nitro 2100 Rehm
1 Vapour Phase Soldering System Quickie 800 Asscon
1 Onsite Nitrogen Generator IMT-PN 1450 Inmatec
1 Selective Soldering System PowerSelective Seho
1 Wave Soldering Maching – leaded solder ETS330 ERSA
1 Wave Soldering Maching – leadfree solder ATF32/33 AFT
Rework 2 Rework Station Fineplacer Finetech
Test 1 AOI Opticon Göpel
5 Stereo Inspection Microscope Lynx Vision
2 Stereo-Zoom Mikroscope with Camerasystem and Image Processing
2 X-Ray Inspection System benchmate


1 Digital Microskope KH-7700 Hirox
1 Endoscopic Inspection System Ersascope 1 Plus ERSA
1 Thermal Camera E320 Flir
Burn-In 2 Stress Screening WK1-180/40

WK 270/40/10

Cleaning 1 Batch Cleaning System IR6001 Miele
Coating 1 Selektive Conformal Coating System 754C PVA