01005 components with distance of 60µm to Tantal-A capacitors

In the course of tighter and tighter layouts, this project was intended to test the limits of what is currently feasible with regard to different component sizes in one common layout. Test boards with and without solder mask with 01005 components in the immediate vicinity of larger components, in our case a 1206 Tantal-A capacitor, were designed and assembled.

The distances of the 01005 components to each other as well as to the Tantal-A capacitors were varied between 60µm and 150µm. Within the scope of this project, both the solder paste printing, the component placement and of course the soldering results were examined and documented in detail.

Result of solder paste printing with pad to pad distance of 60µm

In conclusion, it can be said that the solder paste printing and the assembly of the components were both very successful. One challenge at the moment is still the solder mask on the printed circuit board, which leads to shorts between the 01005 components at very small distances. This could be solved by omitting the solder mask under the 01005 components.

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